Kari Bentley-Quinn

Matthew Dellapina

Snehal Desai

Scott Ebersold

Valerie Evering

Michael Frederic

Carmen Gill

Andrea Goldman

Christina Gorman

Zabryna Guevara

Zuleyma Guevara

Melissa Hammans

Luke Harlan

Eric Harvey

Maria Helan

Annie Henk

Drew Hirshfield

Joanna Howard

Bret Jaspers

Simon Kendall

G.D. Kimble

Polly Lee

Michael Marceline

Sevrin Anne Mason

Eric T. Miller

Jane Miller

Alejandro Morales

Jason Najjoum

Mariana Newhard

Don Nguyen

Matthew J. Nichols

Romy Nordlinger

Susan Louise O'Connor

Maria Christina Oliveras

Carmen Pelaez

Laura Pestronk

Zach Rothman-Hicks

Jerry Ruiz

Gayton Scott

Christina Shipp

Dan Stearns

Julian Stetkevych

Marguerite Stimpson

Adam Szymkowicz

Bonna Tek

Ken Urban

Chris Van Strander

Jeff Wills

Pia Wilson

Anna Foss Wilson

Travis York

Jose Zayas

The Pack is a diverse group of theater artists who come together once a month to share work, explore new ideas and collaborate with fellow Pack members.  Work that is created in The Pack is further developed through public presentations in The Lounge SeriesThe Lounge Series was established to showcase the work and talent of the writers, actors and directors who take part in The Pack and will take place three times throughout the 2011-2012 season.   For more information, click here.

The Pack and The Lounge also contribute to Packawallop’s mission to produce new work that not only explores the themes of sexual and cultural identity, but that fosters community between artists and their audience.  We believe that in an age where we as a society tend to live more and more virtually, that coming together as a group of bodies in the same room becomes of utmost importance.  We also hope that the Pack and the Lounge will be the source of new and exciting mainstage productions for Packawallop.  We believe the quality of our work correlates to the involvement of our artistic community.  In short, the more Packawallop encourages their artistic community to work together and explore artistically, the better the work we present and the better we can serve our audience.